Happy birthday, Neil

Hi Neil, Like you, we try to raise awareness against the use of pesticides & GMO to promote a peasant agriculture and a healthy diet through our innovative project called "Les artisans du Frais". In english, it could mean : The Fresh Food's Craftsmen. We are partners of C.O.P Gironde, an association represented by Christian Gignac who is a singer. This association fights against harmful pesticides and for a healthy diet. It is the only association in France using music against pesticides. We already federate several artists (among them are Irish singers artists Chris and Vivien Dair, painter, poet…). Dear Neil, It would be great honor if you accepted to become the godfather of our project "Les artisans du frais", website http://www.lesartisansdufrais.com All together we will be stronger and we will raise more awareness for this major concern, to give a better future for the next generations. Thank you in advance for your support. My best regards, Shaun Thomas Duffy FROM France lesartisansdufrais@orange.fr